Please make sure to read each section carefully if you ever want to commission me.Commission status will always be announced on my main Twitter.
If you are ever interested in commissioning me, please DM via my main Twitter (@heavymetalpapi), my NSFW Twitter (fluffy_burger) or my Deviantart via the chat or note function (papilrux).
All the prices below are in USD and are non-negotiable.

No Color Sketch - $15

Simple black and white sketches with no shading but shading can be requested.Must be paid upfront and in full.3 Slots Available at a time.

Colored Sketch - $35

Colored Sketches can have a single solid color background or a sketched but colorless background.This offer can also be shaded if requested and you will not be charged extra if you want shading.This must be paid for upfront in full.3 Slots Available at a time.

Sketch Sheet - $58

Flat color sketch sheet that can have from 2- 4 characters per image.4 characters are the max allowed per one individual piece and this order can have either a flat colored background or simple, abstract background.This must be paid upfront in full.1 Slot Available at a time.

Full Illustration with No Background-$62

Commission type that is a fully shaded illustration with no background and can be either half-body or full body.3 Slots Available at a time.

Full Illustration with Background - $110

Commission type that is a fully shaded illustration with a background. This commission type can be either full body or half body.3 Slots Available at a time.

Reference Sheet - $150

Flat colored reference sheet of a character that will include their main pose along with a back view.
((and extra angles and reference to other materials such as back patterns etc that depend on the character's design))
Other important details to the character's design (such as alternate forms, pawpad / mouth color, hidden features etc..) are also welcome to be added to the sheet.This commission is also available for Copyrighted characters.This can also be paid in intervals.
1 Slot Available at a time.

Original Character Design - $210

A character design that will be made by me with the commissioner's vision.(( This option is usually more open to fanmade Digimon / Pokemon designs.))You will receive a one-pose colored concept sketch of the character.Once approved by the customer, you will receive a cell-shaded, one-pose reference art or a Flat colored reference sheet of the character depending on your request.Fan-made characters are also welcomed for custom character designs along with original OCs.This commission can also be paid in intervals if requested.
1 Slot Available at a time.

Vtuber / Live2D ART ONLY - $300

Commission type of art made for Live2D. Please remember that this commission type is for the art ONLY, no rigging.Comes with a Live2D ready .PSD and .PNGThis is usually from the thigh up but can upgraded to a full body for free.Additional add-ons and or variation pieces such as arm toggles, outfits etc will be a extra $5.
3 Slots Available at a time.

Other Notes:

(( You will not be charged for backgrounds in any commision type. You also will not be charged or half or full body commissions.))((I charge a extra $5 for alts. ))(( I only accept payment via PayPal ONLY.))(( Please be very clear with your concept and instructions when writing to me about your order.))((The time for a commission to be completed will take a few weeks to a few months.))

I Will Draw:
NSFW ArtFurries (anthro or SFW feral.)Anthro character of any species.Fanart of characters from any copyrighted media.Character with a moderate amount of complexity to their design.NSFW art of a FICTIONAL monster species (EX. Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Monster Hunter etc.)Anthrofication of a usually feral character such as a Eeveelution.OC X CanonOCS

I Will NOT Draw:NSFW / SFW art of any of any of my OCs with other people / the client’s OCs.HumansKemonomimiAny type of Fetish.NSFW art involving tentacles.NSFW of any OC or copyrighted character that is a child canonically in their universe or aging up a child character up only for NSFW purposes.NSFW of a feral character that looks like a regular animal and is not anthrofied.
(EX. Simba from The Lion King.)